Our trip to Safety Central.

Yesterday,on the 6th of December, year Six had an exiting visit to Lymm’s Safety Central. As soon as they arrived, they were split into three individual groups (Teal,yellow, and green). All 3 of them went into a huge cinema room and sat on 2 raised benches.They were shown a short film about a very unsafe family.The children immediately pointed out to Vicky -the organiser of the visit- all of the dangers in the family’s life.

Then they participated in 14 interactive safety activities. One of the favourite ‘safety quests’ was a shopping spree in a realistic Tesco’s store. Then the coloured groups were split into smaller groups and gave shopping lists.Whilst enjoying themselves the learnt a large amount about the importance of taking care of their bodies.Another popular activity was placed at a model electricity substation. Unfortunately, a mean bully had thrown a child’s bag into the substation! A member of the colour-coded group was given a long wooden pole to fish the bag out with. As soon as the pole went past the fence, a fake explosion went off.

Later on, they took part in some farm and water safety activities, such as hook-a-helpful-duck. The ducks were named by the children.Some of the names included Sir-quacks-a-lot, Ducklicious, and Bailey junior. The ducks did have some educational purposes, with safety messages on the bottom. The farm safety activities included learning the recovery position and some fun acting.

Year Six had a 30-minute lunch break in the cafeteria, which had a view of the fire station that works with Safety Central. The children took part in some anti-bullying activities like a courtroom quiz called ‘BEAT THE BULLY!’, which was boys versus girls. The girls won in the teal group and boys in the other two. A little phrase was learnt in the cyber bullying section to help the Year sixes decide what to do in a internet situation- Zip it,Block it,Flag it, and like it.The children went into an adjoining police room and cell to learn what it was like to be in prison.

The family’s home, that was shown in the cinema room, their trampoline, and their garden, were inspected by the children for dangers.They were shown a burning room simulation, and the charred aftermath. The rangers were impressed with the extent of their knowledge on fires and what to do when one happens. They then called the ‘fire department’ and learnt what they have to know in an emergency.

Year 6 also did a bit of murder mystery investigation about safe cycling on a realistic road. The trip was very educational and the class learnt a lot.

Brake system

The brakes were a very tricky part of the car for us. There were quite a few small, confusing screws but we figured it out in the end. The brake wire goes through the brake, across the car and into the brake pads. This part of the car was very hard because of the screws we had to tighten in small places. This was a hard job, but we did it by working as a team.


Rear axel of the car

Today we fitted the front axel of the car. It was a long job to assemble but we got there in the end. Some of the girls got the joy of going under the car. Sadly we had to take some of the car apart again because we forgot to put on the drive belt, we got there in the end. Now the car looks amazing.