Jetting off in DT

The final day is finally here and we’ve decided to blast off with a bang. The children have been making their own spitfire models in DT over the last couple of weeks and we took them for their first flight today.

The children were given a WW2 Spitfire fuselage and they had to design their own wings and stabilisers. The aim of our project was to try and make them fly as far across the playground as possible.

Finally, I would like to thank the children and their parents for all their hard work this year. They have been a wonderful class and a pleasure to teach.

Year 2’s safari adventure

Year 2 had a wonderful time at Knowsley Safari Park yesterday. We explored the Asian, African and European animals, ticking them off on our safari worksheet. The children were able to drive past a pride of lions, go wheel to wheel with Zebras and race rhinos across the green plains of grass. Unfortunately we couldn’t go into the monkey enclosure for fear of getting our own cheeky monkeys mixed up with the safaris but we were able to view them from side of the road.

The children then had a lovely picnic in the foot safari, before being wowed by the sea lion and birds of prey shows. The children were amazed by the variety of animals on display and the tricks they could do.

Finally we finished off by having a session in the rainforest classroom. The children were able to handle antlers, giraffe skulls, cockroaches and stick insects.

Keep Calm and Carry On

In Year 2 we have been discussing total war in Britain. The children have learnt about the people on the home front and the important role of propaganda during WW2. We spent some time looking at successful propaganda posters, the messages portrayed and the impact of the slogans. They then came up with their own slogans and drew their own poster. Here are a selection of our favourites

This is the greatest code…

What a busy afternoon it has been in Year 2 today. Following on from the break the internet post from earlier, we moved away from fake news (although I’m sure the Prime Minister post was true) and started our coding journey by using scratch. The children took to coding like a duck to water or in our case a dinosaur to forest, a bat to theatre and a cat to football.

The children followed the steps to create a simple programme where their sprite (character) moved around and then followed their cursor around the page.

The children then got to have a play with scratch and come up with some coding of their own. The children were so inspired by my Manchester City themed sprite that I was inundated with football themed programmes, all depicting City on the wrong end of some interesting score lines.

Wishing my army of coders and the rest of the Year 2 family a happy half term break.

Mr Carney

Year 2 Break the internet

If only the final day could pass without a drama. In computing we have been learning about coding through the programme google X-ray goggles and scratch. Those pesky Year 2’s have been up to no good and got me in some hot water by changing the coding on the website Newsround. See the results below

Luckily, I managed to bribe them into fixing it before the authorities found out. Another day and another close call.

Mr Carney and the rag tag bunch

Watch out… Subway

Year 2 are hot on the trail of Subway and are looking to overtake them as Warrington’s finest sandwich makers. They honed their craft by tasting a variety of different breads, meats, vegetables and spreads before deciding on the perfect combination.

The children scored the different ingredients out of 5 and worked in pairs to plan the best sandwiches. The children then chose their spread (cheese or butter) meats, crisps and breads before making their sandwich.

Parents will be pleased to know Year 2 are amazing sandwich makers and they have promised me they will make their own packed lunches. Happy days!

Year 2 take on Lymm High

What an exciting week it’s been in Year 2. On Monday, we were hosted by the Year 10 PE BTEC students at Lymm High school. They put on a variety of activities for the year 2 children to compete and hone their skills in. The Lymm high students were great teachers in the making and we so much much fun helping them with their studies.

Finally, I would to say a big thank you to the LHS staff, students and the parent helpers who made the trip such a fantastic experience for the children.

Victorian Peg Soldiers

Another week down as we march on towards the Easter holidays but there’s no hanging around in Year 2. We wrote a set of instructions for making toy soldiers out of wooden pegs. It was a military operation getting all the children to make their toy soldiers at once, but they were fully engaged in the task and deployed their resources successfully. Follow our line of communication and have a go at making your own at home.

Wishing the fellow troops a happy mission,

Major Glad, Major Dizzy