Good tidings we bring from Year Two

Year Two would like to wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year. What a busy week we’ve had writing letters, crafting presents and enjoying Christmas dinner.

The children have been busy designing, making and painting their own Christmas decorations. They then wrote a set of instructions to help other people make their own clay decorations.

On Thursday, we had a delicious Christmas dinner. We started our day by making our own Christmas hats to wear during dinner and drew some lovely Christmas pictures that helped us work on pencil control.

Finally, myself and Mrs Walton would like to thank you and the children for all your lovely gifts and cards this year. We have had a great term with the children and look forward to the new year. Have a great Christmas and a happy new year.

Mr Carney


As part of our rainforest topic, the children have been using atlases and iPads to identify the different rainforests from around the world. Recently, the children have been writing about what they like and dislike about the rainforest. They have had to suggest ways in which they would improve the rainforest and how it has been spoilt.

The children identified that deforestation spoils our rainforests as animals no longer have a habitat to live in and areas become polluted. We decided to explore deforestation by watching videos and using the app ‘World of Cubes’. Below is a short screen recording of the children exploring a wooded area.

The children found out lots of interesting facts and took screenshots of their world. Below are images of, a full and vibrant rainforest compared to one that has gone through deforestation.

The children had lots of fun exploring, cutting and rebuilding their own rainforests and can now suggest why deforestation is bad for the environment.

Unfortunately this week, we’ve had our very own Year 2 ‘deforestation’ as our rainforest has had to make way for Christmas decorations. Luckily, seeds are on my wish list to Santa, so it should be bigger and better this time next year.

Mr Carney.

World War One Art Topic and Litter Picking.

This week, the children have been learning about World War One as part of our art topic. During lessons, the children have been learning about the countries involved in the ‘Great War’, a typical day at the trenches for the average soldier and about the importance of remembrance.

The children have watched educational video clips, used inference on WW1 photography and listened to extracts of soldiers letters home. They then had the opportunity to ‘teleport’ back in time to the front line and listen to some commentary about the trenches. Please find the link below to watch a short clip of one of the children’s VR experience.

The children used their VR experience to write a letter home about the trenches. The children have also spent this week working on their art skills ready for our art exhibition. The children have used different pencil types, wax crayons and paint to create individual pieces of art based on the poem “In Flanders Field”.

Some of the children were able to have their hands plastered as part of a group project which will be revealed on the day of the art exhibition.

Finally, Year Two had an excellent morning picking litter around the school grounds. They thoroughly enjoyed using the litter pickers to keep our school tidy and the local wildlife safe.