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Proud of who we are. Proud of what we achieve.

At Bradshaw we provide a stimulating, caring and safe learning environment, where everyone is valued. In partnership with parents and the wider community we nurture respect, empathy and independence. Bradshaw children have a positive, hardworking approach to learning leaving us as confident, successful individuals.

Bradshaw CP School is a one form entry primary school, we have 7 classes from Reception to Year 6. We enjoy very good relationships with our parents and the local community, including close links with local pre-school settings and high schools.

As of September 2018 our staff are:

Headteacher Short, Chris
Deputy Head Sweeney, Vicky Y5
Teacher Bickerstaff, John Y6
Teacher Baldwin, Janet Y5
Teacher Smanatha  Goulden Y4
Teacher Hunt, Jenny Y4
Teacher Buck, Jayne Y3
Teacher Carney, Andy (mat leave cover) Y2
Teacher Wilson, Jo Y1
Teacher Calder, Joanna YR
Teacher Appleton, Karen YR
TA Wellings, Gwyneth KS1/KS2
TA Henshaw, Laura KS2/Y6
TA Williams, Jo KS1/KS2
TA Makin, Georgina KS1 SEN
TA Bailey, Sarah KS2 SEN
TA Walton, Heather KS1
TA Hopkins, Fil KS2/YR
TA Smith, Abigail EYFS
TA Miller, Nicky KS2 SEN
TA (Apprentice) Farrell, Mike KS1/KS2
TA (Apprentice) Rosa, Katie EYFS
Admin Officer Szczepanek, Lesley
Finance Officer Ferrabee, Lisa
Link Club leader Slack, Amanda
Asst Link Club leader Minett, Sandy
Link Club Assistant Smith, Emma
Link Club Assistant Dobozy, Zoja
Link Club Assistant Cade, Wendy Casual
Link Club Assistant Robertson, Suzanne Casual
Link Club Assistant Williams, Janet Casual
Caretaker Sutton, Mair
Catering Supervisor Bowden, Jean WBC
Catering Assistant Nixdorf, Lynn WBC
Catering Assistant Cade, Wendy WBC
Lunchtime play-leader Makin, Georgina
Mid-day Assistant Ditchfield, Ceri
Mid-day Assistant Dobozy, Zoja
Mid-day Assistant Minett, Sandy
Mid-day Assistant Smith, Emma
Mid-day Assistant Robertson, Suzanne
Mid-day Assistant Knight, Vicky
Mid-day Assistant Bailey, Sarah SEN



The Curriculum

The school policy is to develop a curriculum which caters for the various talents and skills of the individual pupil.  We intend that pupils attending Bradshaw CP School should develop to their fullest potential.  We also believe that there are many non-academic areas of school life that contribute to a full education.  To this end, the school provides a broad and balanced curriculum.

We see our school as a learning environment where children are known, cared for, challenged and respected in a safe and secure environment.  Our aim for each individual child is to help him or her to develop knowledge and skills and the understanding to apply them towards becoming a fulfilled member of our society.


To enhance the curriculum, we arrange visits to a variety of places giving the children first hand experiences.  We also arrange residential visits for the older children such as the Year 6 visit to PGL where outdoor and adventurous activities provide challenges in a safe and structured way.  Each class makes at least one visit a year and our PTA help towards the costs.  At times parents are also asked to contribute to make this possible. Visiting experts provide the children with an opportunity to undertake new and interesting experiences.

Like all schools in England, we follow the National Curriculum in Key Stage One and Two.  Our reception class follows curriculum guidance for the Foundation Stage. This national guidance tailors the curriculum to our youngest children’s needs.


Extra Curricular Activities

The extra-curricular activities offered in the school vary over time but currently include the choir, football, rugby, netball, athletics, and cookery, Spanish and science. Some of these are provided by outside agencies.



Instrumental lessons are available and currently the children are taught to play guitar in Year 5 and the trumpet in Year 4. We also have external tutors offering guitar and ukulele lessons each week.


The School Day

School commences at 8.55 am School closes at 3.15 pm. In the morning,  the children are taken by their teachers into the classroom. At the end of the school day parents can meet their children in the school playground after they have been dismissed. Parents of Reception children  collect them from the Reception class entrance.



All children from Reception to Year 2 are offered a free school lunch. The rest of the children have a choice, they can bring a packed lunch from home or have a cooked lunch prepared on the premises by the school cook, Mrs Bowden.  The cost of a school dinner is £2.30 and all school meals and snacks must be paid for via Parentpay.  



Pupils are allowed to eat a snack at break time, we encourage the children to maintain a healthy diet, so fruit, vegetables or other healthy snacks are suggested.  As part of a national initiative children up to the end of Year 2 will be provided with a piece of fruit each day, free of charge.  Sweets are not allowed.

At morning break, snacks are available from our school kitchen.  Toast and drinks are available at a small charge.


Absence from School

Parents are asked to contact school if their child is unwell and not able to attend school. Absences for holidays during term times are not authorised by the school in line with the local authority guidelines.


School Uniform

The uniform consists of:

Day-to-Day Wear

Mid grey trousers, skirts or pinafore dresses (not black)

White polo shirt

Red sweatshirt

White socks or grey tights (Girls)

Black sensible shoes (no trainers or large heels)

For PE a red t-shirt and black shorts should be worn.  When indoors children are encouraged to work in bare feet but black elastic pumps may be worn.

For outdoors trainers are ideal and we have a games tracksuit available.

For the Summer Term

Red and white gingham summer dress

Grey short trousers

White polo shirt

Red cardigan.

Formal Occasions

For public performances and photographs a white shirt and school tie should be worn.

All items of uniform can be ordered online from our supplier – Touchline



In the interests of safety, jewellery of any kind (excluding watches) should not be worn for school.  Stud earrings can be worn, but are potentially dangerous both in the playground and during PE. If you are planning on having your child’s ears pierced to think about the timing of this so that it is done at the start of a long holiday – the summer break being the best.


Children’s Progress and Records

Parents have the opportunity to discuss their children’s work with the class teacher, on two occasions per year – once in the autumn term and once in the spring term.  These “Parents’ Evenings” consist of ten minute interviews with the class teacher.  Prior to the meeting with the class teacher you will also have an opportunity to look at your child’s class work.  Parents have a right of access to all records regarding their children.

You are not limited to seeing teachers on these two occasions.  Staff will meet with parents to discuss matters about your child during the academic year.  If you require such a meeting please make an appointment with the class teacher for a time which is mutually convenient.  The Headteacher, Mr Short, is also pleased to meet you if you wish to make an appointment.

An annual written report about your child will be sent home during the summer term.


Special Educational Needs

All children are special and all children have learning needs.  The school attempts to cater for the individual educational needs of all children who attend Bradshaw.  If a pupil is identified as having learning difficulties we will assess the need, plan and deliver support in order to best help the child progress.  This may include extra tuition from teaching staff or help and advice from the Educational Psychology Service.  It is school policy that close liaison is maintained between parents and school.



Homework is an important extension to schoolwork. The amount and type of work will take into account the age and abilities of the children and should not dominate after-school hours. Parents are encouraged to help their children to adopt a positive attitude to this very important part of their children’s development.


High School Links

Bradshaw is a partner primary with Lymm High School.  During Years 5 and 6 there are a number of activities that gradually introduce the children to life at Lymm High School.  Typically there are visits, sports events and special lectures.


School Discipline

Bradshaw is a disciplined school.  Great emphasis is placed on developing self-discipline and an understanding of right and wrong.  School rules are designed to reinforce appropriate behaviour between individuals within a caring social

environment.  Good behaviour will be recognised by the use of rewards.


Child Protection Procedures

The school has a duty and responsibility under the local Child Protection Procedures to report any instances of suspected abuse.  The following statement is therefore included for information to parents:

“Because of day-to-day contact with children, schools are particularly well placed to observe outward signs of abuse, changes in behaviour or failure to develop.  Parents should be aware, therefore, that where it appears to a member of school staff that a child may have been abused, the school is required, as part of the local Child Protection Procedures to report their concern to the Children’s Services Department immediately.”



The school aims to provide your child with a sound education within a secure environment.  There are regular checks carried out within school to ensure all children are as safe and secure as possible when they in school.


First Aid Procedures

The school has an number of  qualified first aiders.  They are consulted in the event of a pupil feeling particularly ill or having an accident.  If we believe a pupil is too ill to continue at school we will contact parents.


Parental Involvement in School

We encourage parents to support us in a variety of ways, both at home and at school.  Occasionally, we ask for support in the classroom as this can be really effective.  Additionally, if you have any skills that you can offer, then please let us know.

We also have a Parents’ Council who meet at least once a term to discuss issues linked to improving school.


Parent Teacher Association

The school has an active PTA.  Parents are automatically members of the PTA and are entitled to attend PTA Committee Meetings.  The PTA is an important element of the school’s life.  There are also important social events organised by the PTA for children and parents alike, some of the most popular being Christmas and Summer Fairs,  pupil discos and quiz nights for parents.


Arrangements for New Pupils and Their Parents

Once your child has been offered a place in school there will be a series of events so the children can get to know the school and staff – these include sessions for the children to come into school and spend time in the Reception class. We also will hold a welcome meeting for parents to come and meet the staff and governors and pick up further information about the transition process.


Link Club

The school runs its own popular link club, “Buzzy Bees”. Children are able to take part in a variety of supervised activities at the beginning and end of the day.  The sessions run from 7:45am – 8:55am and 3:15pm – 6:00pm.


The Governing Body

The Governors of the school are appointed to make decisions about how the school is run.  They meet at least once a term and have legal duties, powers and responsibilities. They form sub-committees to deal with such issues as finance, staffing,

curriculum, health and safety and building matters.

School Governors are:

¨    Parents of the school

¨    Staff at the school

¨    Nominated local council representatives

¨    Co-opted members with a particular contribution to make

¨    Headteacher


At Bradshaw the Governors are:

Mr Short – Headteacher

Mr G Mogey – Chair

Mr R Coleman – Co-opted Governor & Chair of Learning Community Committee

Mrs L Rothwell – Parent Governor

Mr D Clarke – Co-opted Governor

Mr R Dobozy – Parent Governor & Chair of Resource Management Committee

Mrs A Scott – Parent Governor

Mr C Persoglio – Parent Governor

Mrs S Greatbanks – Co-opted Governor

Miss L Henshaw – Staff Governor



Latest Test Results




Number of children on roll:                  204


Any parent wishing to visit the school or to see the Headteacher is welcome to telephone, email or write to make an appointment.


The school follows Warrington Borough Council’s Admission Policy.  For further advice please contact Warrington Borough Council, Education Office, at New Town House,Buttermarket Street,Warrington.




Bradshaw Lane,




Telephone – 01925 262906

Fax – 01925 267312






Headteacher – Mr C J Short


Chair of Governors – Mr G Mogey


‘Pupils make consistently good progress throughout the school. As a result, standards by the end of Year 6 are higher than the national ones in reading, writing and mathematics.’


‘ Safeguarding is outstanding as pupils are cared for exceptionally well. Pupils’ behaviour is good and pupils are well mannered, polite and helpful.’


‘ Spiritual, moral, social and cultural aspects of provision are a strength of the school. The school has a warm, welcoming atmosphere and staff, pupils and parents are proud of their school.’

Ofsted, November 2014