Y2 Local area fieldwork

Y2 Local area fieldwork

This week in geography we conducted a field work study on our local area. We started by walking around the school grounds listening to what we could hear, writing down what we could see and we looked out for the different smells. The children then studied the landscape of our surrounding area and drew the patterns and shapes they spotted.

After this, we conducting a traffic survey by counting the colours of cars and studying the direction of their travel. We discovered that the colour grey was the most popular car choice and when we looked at a map we found that the majority of cars were travelling towards Warrington.

We then looked at the human and physical features and used the map to think of, and then answer questions such as ‘What is there to do in Warrington?’ After we used google maps, we went outside to do a sketch of our local area. Please find Below our finished field work booklet.

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