Tuesday 24th Update

Tuesday 24th Update

We hope that you are all safe and well and are starting to get into some form of routine. We would like to thank all of those parents who are classed as ‘Critical Workers’ who have been able to arrange alternative child care rather than using school. The staff at school will be here to support you all throughout this time, but it is also reassuring that you are also thinking of our well being by not sending children into school unless you really need to.

We will continue to work on developing the learning opportunities at home and will keep in touch with you on a regular basis too – either through emails, class newsletters or the odd phone call. Please continue to check the class web-pages on a regular basis and if you need to email your child’s class teacher then, you can use the address they have sent on their first newsletter to you all.

This may be a good time to learn something new yourselves, perhaps something that may help your child too. As you know, we teach Spanish in school and the Duolingo App is very good and free. Maybe you could look into learning an instrument or spend some time getting your head around Google Apps – there are loads of tutorials online to help with this. All the juniors have logins for the school Google account and they are more than welcome to have a go at using the docs, sheets, slides or sites apps. These can be shared with staff for them to see what the children have been doing.

We sincerely hope that it won’t be too long before we see all of the children again, especially our Year 6 class, who may be feeling very confused at the moment.

Finally we would like to direct you to the 5 Ways to Wellbeing website which may be a useful resources over the next few week.

We wish everyone the best over the next few weeks and thank you all for your continued support.

The Bradshaw Team

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