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My time at Bradshaw

My time at Bradshaw has been great as we have done loads of fun activities and a few famous  people have come. I have been at this school for 7 whole years and every year has been great especially when we got our buddies as we got to meet them and take them down for lunch. Also when I met Jordan in  Reception we were best mates until I met Callum and Taylor. In year three we always  played tag. Mr Bickerstaff was our teacher in year three, and the best thing probably was when we made potions. In year 4 Miss Corrigan taught us, and we went to Fox Howl which was good. In year 6 we got to do lots of jobs, like house point collectors and house captains and also you get privilege cards which means you get to pick one person to sit with you on the sofa.


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My English work!!!!! And maybe swimming and buddy’s

I am proud of my English work because I writed a long paragraph about the war and I really liked it and I liked my war poem

Sitting in the rain waiting for a letter
Off my beloved family hearing and
Listening to the gun shots of
Deadly Germans the enermies,
I hate this horrible war,
Eating this distgusting food which is
Rats dead ones

And I am even more proud that my work has gone in the hall and in the hall way so people can see my work and like it
I am also proud if my swimming which i do on Sundays with my dad my highest of swimming back and to which is lengths 14 times last time I done 11 laps but next time I will try to beat 14 I will try to make 20 laps

I am proud of working with year 1s because we made scarecrows and tying notes with them and after that mrs Clark said I done well so I got a tick for working really hard and being really he

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