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What sport we did yesterday

 Yesterday we were the first class at the school we were in our PE kits.Quickly we walked to the amazing coach with, a kitchen,toilet and tables.We were driving off  to livepool, on Barkhill road were we met Will and Jack. Will guided us into the huge building, and then we started playing basketball. First we practiced basketball skills then we played basketball games.Next we went to the sports hall to do tennis first we balenced the ball on the racet then we played a game.

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This christmas

This cristmas i got a deal or no deal game, X box 360, a new room, new games for my wee, new games for my DS, new DVDs, zombie and minyfigs and new games for my computer. I had a great christmas i dont like some of christmas because i was ill lots

of the holidays.

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On Monday, we did vertical addtion. It was were we put three or two numbers in colloms.We could also put six or seven in.Then we started on the right hand side and added the number up.When we got to the to total we put the total in the bottom sqaure and  kept doing that until we got the total. For example:






                                                                        ———                                                                      by Toby and Amy.


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work today

Today we have been doing work about a story that is called Dougal the deep sea diver. We did not had to write the holl thing we just writed lots about one bit of the story. It was very fun and hard because i did 21 lines.

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