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Trip to Liverpool

on the 17th of may year 5 went on a trip to Liverpool world museum we went with Mrs Wilson Mrs Gilchrist and Mr Dyson. on the coach i sat with Lucy and Leigh sat near us .the coach journey was very boring but it was worth it. When we got to Liverpool museum we went to the 5th floor and watched a clip all about the universe. we watched the clip in pitch black when it was finish we went to a another room on the same floor.That room was full of space objects we had to do a quiz i joined up with Izzy to do the quiz and Leigh joined up with Lucy. Then we went to a habitat workshop . In there we listened to a story about a solider . we also got showed some stuffed animals one animal there was once look after at the museum it died . Me (Tilly), Lucy, Amy and holly we got used as an example to show that headbands used to be called lice bands . they were called this because they kept eggs from falling out.After that we went for dinner.I sat with the girls and so did Leigh. dinner was really fun. then we went to the shop to buy some stuff me and izzy bought lots of stuff including marbles and a toys. Leigh bought a mood ring.when we finished in the shop we went to another workshop about life in a rock pool . we got to stroke different sea creatures. one was called a enemy it was meant to sting but it didn’t .After that we went to a dinosaur expedition i really enjoyed it and i think Ewan did aswell because he really likes dinosaurs .then we went home!

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Mystery of the Titanic found!

Yesterday Mr Robert Ballard spotted something strange on the camera in the Atlantic Ocean.  It was a boiler from the Titanic .  He found the luxurious Titanic.
On August 6th 1985Mr Ballard give up and headed home, then on August 24th 1985 Mr Ballard returned to find the amazing Titanic and he was determed to find the Titanic. His search strategy was simply : he would scan the ocean floor until he found the Titanic .Mr Ballard was very proudof himself for finding the Titanic. Argo was the name of the submarine that found the Titanic. The Titanic was found 160 feet above the bed, Argo passed over the main hull of the ship. Earlier in 1981 Jack Grim led a team to find the Titanic, positive that they were searching in the excat spot where the ship was found.
Their first look of the Titanic lasted six minutes. She was upright and a large section her hull was intact.   She laid 13,000 feet below the surface .  Reverse calculations suggested that the titanic was eight miles further north than prievously thought.Robert Ballard commented that he was amazed when he saw the pictures of the Titanic and he also said that he was very proud of hiself because he is one of the first people to see the titanic under water.
Mr ballard is now currently getting intervieved and will be on the news tonight. His family are also going to be on the news .

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