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Sparky’s Safety

Take a look at Ryan’s poster with some great advice for Bonfire night.


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volcano poem

It was the middle of the night,when I heard a huge shudder,

much much louder than the Titanics huge rudder,

magnificent magma spreading all about,

“Its a volcano its a volcano and its gonna wipe us all out”,

pressure builds’ volcano erupts,

smashing all potery and valuble cups,

people pack their bags and flee,

people now will never be free,

toxic gas spreads everywhere,

girls crying because it messes up there hair,

people start chocking and falling to the floor,

gas even spreads through the emperors door,

people chocke, and drop dead,

brains explode in your very own head,

thats all thats left in this god-forsaken town’

is there a volcano in your home town??.


By Ryan


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Jack warders blog

Hi i am Jack warders and i am going to Elpis tonight with my family.Today i went to a meeting again witch will be the last on earth so we had health checks and got injected with our first lot of medicine to be able to live on elpis.It was hard sating goodbye to my friends at work but it had to be done.      


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