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Liverpool World Museum

 On the 17th May 2013 Year 5 went on a trip to Liverpool World Museum. On the way there I sat with Youssef and Frankie sat with Jacob. When we got there I saw a notice board and then we travelled to the Planetarium. When we got there we went into a big room with lots of rows of chairs. Then there was a film about Space, Earth and other Universes. Then we had a space quiz and there was a big black rocket above us, it was called ‘The Black Knight’! Then we went into a workshop full of bugs. There was dead animals on the walls and even a Walrus. In a tank was a Python. When we had sat down a man named Michael came to see us. He told us all about Habitats and what live in them. He even showed us a Habitat it was really small but full of insects. Michael said that everyone thinks that a Habitat is full of animals but they are full of plants too.

Then we went for lunch we all chose our own tables. After we had finished lunch we went to a shop and you could buy all sorts of things. Novelty Dinosaurs, chocolate and lots more. I bought a mood ring and Frankie bought nothing. Moments later we were taken to the Dino’s. There were Dinosaur bones, there was a winter biom, there was a nocturnal biom and a jungle biom. It also had a Comodo Dragon. After that we went to the Aquarium. There were lots of fish. There were Clownfish and a Sting Ray. I stayed out looking at the fish but Frankie went into the workshop about Rock Pools. We saw a Starfish which we felt, it was really rough. Seconds later he showed us a Crab thats shell was rough. He told us that when the crab has a small triangle at the bottom of it its a boy, but when it has a wider triangle its a girl. Carefully the man let us feel an Enemene. Consequently, the Enemene stung us. It didn’t hurt but when it stings its prey it shoots arrows into it and parilizes them. Suddenly it would suck the fish or whatever animal in. Even though the Enemene is the size of a big marble its still strong. Finally we went to the coach to go home. On the coach we played sweet and sour. What you do is that you wave at truck drivers and if they wave there are sweet but if they don’t there sour. There was a man who had a turban on and he stuck his thumb at us!


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Guy Fawkes

This week, Year 6 have been learning about Guy Fawkes. We learnt why he tried to blow up the houses of parliament. He tried to blow up the houses of parliament because the King wanted catholics to go to certain churches and he didn’t like them.

Guy Fawkes  and 12 other men (who were catholics) decided to try to blow up the king. But Guy Fawkes didn’t come up with the plan. It was a man named Robert Catesby the guys called him The Brains!

By Ben

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Slovakian visitor

On the 1st of November we had a visitor from Slovakia.Her name was Tereska. She stayed with us for a day, her mum taught us how Slovakian schools are different to ours. She also taught us some Slovakian words. For example, Ahoj  (hello).

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