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The legend of Jacwulf

long long ago… lived a brave man called Jacwulf and  he loved to save his country. He was only 26 years old and he had had 99 fights and won them all, people say do you fight monsters but he always shouts “no!” because he fights giants.First he was scared on his first fight because he thought he was going to get killed.

One night in a church Jacwulf heared a noise and he went with his swored to see what it was ,he said ” who ever it is go away or your killed.”But no one replied he, said it again ” who ever it is go away or your killed.” But still no one replied. Jacwulf went to see if anyone was there he couldn’t see anyone. Then he heared the noise again it sounded louder than a jet plane. He was on his hands and knees looking under all of the chairs and tables Then something was behind him!!

Behind him was a giant and it had an axe!! Jacwulf said “you want to fight lets fight” then Jacwulfs mum and dad came out of there room to see what had happend  and the giant eat them. Jacwulf said ” why have you just eat my parents” so then you could tell that jacwulf was mad. He was so mad that he said” you kill my parents I kill you. So Jacwulf had no way of killing the giant when Jacwulf was on the floor because Jacwulf was only as tall as half of the giants foot. He new he had to climb up to his head and with his swored chop his head of! Then The giant said “you wont kill me because i will kill you first.” then the giant got hold of Jacwulf and was about to get killed and then with his all mighty power he lifted the giants hand and he got his sword out of his left hand and put it into his right hand and tried to chop of the giants head but the giant got hold of his head and was about to put it into his mouth but then  Jacwulf got hold  of his sword!!! Then he was about to stab him in the mouth but the giant closed his moth. Afder the giant closed his mouth Jacwulf did get scared , because the giant is so big Jacwulf said “it feels like i am in a cave .” Then it went pitch black and jack wulf coudn’t see a thing. He felt like shouting but he had to think for a moment because he didn,tknow if the giant thought that he was dead or alive. Then he escaped out of the giants mouth by kicking the side of it. He kicked the giants mouth so hard the giant screamed so he had to leg it before the giant squashed Jacwulf. When he escaped he got hold of the swored and chopped the giants head off he was exorsted he was relived that he had killed a giant 100 times.

Then in the mornig evryone who was sleeping at the church said “I heared lots of nois ebut they didn’t dare to come out.” Jacwulf said ” it was a good idea that you didn’t because last night i had my 100th fight and i won the fight because i didn’t want anyone els to get killed because we will have a funeral. Because when i was in the middle of my fight my mum and dad came out and the giant ate them. The person who owned the church said do you want to have the feneral here because this is where you seen them last. I will say some good words about your mum and dad because i was talking to them last night and they were like the the best cuple i have ever met. Thank you and yes i will have there funeral here because it is a lovley church. But all through the day Jacwulf didn’t come out of his room because he was so sad that his perants died. He didn’t even come out and celebrate that he had won his 100 fight vs a giant last night. But that night the owner of the church came into his room and said com and celebrate until 3 in the morning he said ok I will be ot ther ein 2 minutes i promise. Then they had a great time but then they didn’t want to get out of bed in the moring but they needed to because it was the funeral.

Then at the funaral the owner of the church said “we will all miss Jacwulfs mm and dad and i wish i could of just seen them one more time. Jacwulf do you want to say some words about your mum and dad. Yes please the owner wispered on the way past him it do not matter if you cry because evryone crys when it is there mum and dads funeral Jacwulf didn’t go up on the stage because he said to the owner “did you cry when your mum and dad died2 yes a little bit but try not to because you will make me cry. Ok i will try not to. His conversation with the owner took 20 minutes Jacwulf had to do a good speach because he new his mum and dad would of said the nicest words he had ever heared because he went to his grandparents funeral and they said the nicest ever things he had ever heared at a funeral. He said “if my parents were here here now they would be so proud of me because they always tried to make me speak at funaral’s then someone stood up and said can i say some words about your parents because they ate the nicest cupple i have ever met Jacwulf said “if you say nice things about them you can” the man said “i will say the nicest things you have ever heared. He said “Jacwulfs parents were the nicest ever people i have ever met and i wish i could of seen them 200 more times in my live. Then at the end of the day we had a party but this time onl until 1 am in the morning.





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The Highwayman

I am a Highwayman and I love the landlord’s daughter called Bess she is the most pretties girl I have ever met. I was going out to steal gold I said to bess” I will be back at noon.”Then I was on my way back and I could see Bess tied up to her bed with soldiers with a gun, to her chest and I went inside to save her but then I heard a gun shot. I ran out of the old inn as fast as I could then I took my horse back and we charged at the old inn and I figured out the gun shot was bess killing her self. Then I saw two soldiers with a GUN!!!!!! Ready to pull the trigger one of them pulled it.
I fell of my horse in 1 seconding I was stone cold dead. It was miracl to be with Bess as a spirit.

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you can not here sound in space because is not any air so it can not travel.

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The sea

The sea is like a tough crocodile.

It’s waves smashing against the rocks.

The burst of the sea is a hungry shark chasing a clown fish.

Splashing like a dog fight.

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