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My time in Bradshaw

In Bradshaw it has been an amazing 3 years since I joined in year 4. The first trip that I went on was fox howl. My first ever teacher was miss Corrigan. In year5 the teacher was mr.Bickerstaff we went on lots of trips to museums and did a lot of topics like iceland, titanic and anglosaxons. Year 6 has been the best year because we went to P.G.L. We also did sats they were hard but not too hard. At P.G.L, we did loads of fun activities and I did them all. There was zip wire, quad bikes, abseiling, canoeing, giant swing ( my favourite activity.),archery and rifle shooting. 

Over all, I have enjoyed my time here at Bradshaw and cant wait to go to high school.

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The Highwayman (soldiers diary)

Today has been a successful day. It started a couple of hours ago.

A strange ostler appeared and told us that he heard the highwayman at the. Inn talking to Bess.(the landlords daughter.)

We got on our horses and rushed down town as fast as we could. We got to the dirty old inn and went in side. Once we got in side we drank the landlords ale but didn’t speak to him. We barged up the stairs and looked for Bess’s room. We split up I found the bathroom,Fred found the landlords room and Bert found Bess’s bedroom. Bert called me and Fred into the room.

We went into the room. Bert went on look out for the highwayman, Fred held Bess still and I tied Bess her to her bed with a mussel beneath her breast and then we just had to wait for the highwayman to come. Just waiting for him to come.

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The stormy sea

The sea is as white as thin paper.

The froth from the waves spread throughout the ocean.

The sea is  an angry giant splashing in the bath.

It pushes the waves up into the air.

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