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Center parcs

On the last week of school I went to center parcs for 5 days.It took a long time to get there but when we did we got everything and went to the cabin. It was nice in the cabin it had 3 bathrooms.we got our Bikes. at center Parcs we went to the water slide park.it was a subtropical place. it had a wave pools. It had massive waves just coming. there were hot tub. and there were indoor slides dark slides but one was the OUTSIDE tube. it was a half pipe with water spraying out in to your face. it swept you side to side and you would almost fall out. at the end  it got wider and you would get sunk and be swept away!! another thing I did was caving there were tunnels and chambers where we would rest. at one part there was a sump which is water that you have to swim under to get out.it was hard to see. even though it was only plastic balls

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Titanic news report

The Unsinkable Sinks!

By Lewis Binks

On April 15th 1912 the Titanic tragically hit an iceberg in theAtlantic Ocean. Two hours forty minutes later  1, 500 died and 705 survived.

It was a foggy night when lookout Fredrick fleet spotted an iceberg dead ahead. Captain Edward J. Smith couldn’t turn in time and they hit it. They weren’t worried until someone said the Titanic was 14 feet underwater. There were only 16 life boats and most were left not full.

The Titanic was on its maiden voyage and was very luxurious. It was heading toNew York, but sank in an ice field nearNewfoundland.

The Carpathia arrived but most of the bodies were dead in the sea. It picked up the survivors and brought them toNew York.

The White Star Line was the company that owned the Titanic. Joseph Ismay ,the person who designed the Titanic , was devastated when it sunk. It cost 7.5 million pounds and 2 years to build.

One survivor said, “we were terrified when we heard the sound of the iceberg hitting the ship but I rembered it was unsinkable.” Another survivor said, “when It sunk you couldn’t bear to hear the screams.”

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