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WW1 poem

Rural scenery, rotten war
Evening sun, not anymore
Mellow hearts, shattered
Excited soldiers, battered
Mortal comrade
Bodies splayed
Each soldier,shall be
Remembered, you’ll see

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The Legend of King Wiglaf

Wiglaf painfully staggered up the stairs, in utter pain, to the the top of the castle. He’d just had a brutal bite, in his leg, by a ferocious giant ogre. Why did he have to battle this terrible beast? It all started when ……………….

Several months earlier when Beowulf had to fight the poisonous fire- breathing dragon. Wiglaf had bravely stepped forward to help his king defeat the horrible dragon. Wiglaf was very young and unfortunately was the least experienced soldier out of them all but that didn’t stop him. Later, Beowulf sadly died. After that sad moment, Wiglaf was announced king for his brave actions. Every body loved Wiglaf except his evil brother Alfred. He was extremely jealous. He would’ve stepped forward to help but he was away fighting battles for his king. Alfred was an evil trickster and would do anything to become king. He would surely come up with a devious way to get the crown.

As I said Prince Wiglaf’s people were very happy. Every night they had a fantastic time at the party’s. There was singing and dancing. Then one day the happiness stopped and the crying started. A terrible creature would roam every night searching for his next victims. He’d gobble as many as 100 people a night. If anybody saw this devilish creature, few lived to tell the tail.I f people were lucky enough to survived, which was extremely unlikely, they would be severely injured. They say that you can’t see anything because there was a giant shadow looming over them. His body was a disgusting ball of greasy green slime. His teeth were like dirty knives which would pierce through your skin. This beast was called ogres. Ogres was invincible

” Now my decision is final, or is it” stuttered Wiglaf the next day. ” I have to or all my people will die” “I shall do the deed that has to be done.” Wiglaf said bravely but he sounded scared. He devised a plan.

He invited the villagers to stay in his castle. He told them that he was setting a trap. So as usual they heard the shouting and stomping of Ogres but one thing was different, no villagers were screaming because they were being eaten. Ogres was getting more and more angry because he couldn’t find anyone to eat. Then he went into the castle, nobody was in there well thats what he thought. Suddenly the villagers and Wiglaf came and started to batter him with tools. Unfortunately Ogres bent down and started to bite people including Wiglaf’s leg. Bravely he carried on with his plan and staggered up the stairs to the top of the castle. He bravely jumped onto Ogres and started to pull out his eyes. Eventually he pulled out the eyes. Wiglaf and the villagers fell silent. Ogres couldn’t hear or see anything. He listened and listened but still couldn’t hear anything. Then there was a noise he followed the sound. He couldn’t see but he could picture the castle in his mind. He did bump into some things but he was getting closer and closer to the sound. Then he got hotter and hotter until all that was left was a green pool of bubbly blood. He had walked into the great fire and melted. Everybody cheered!

The next day, a strange old man appeared. He started ” My name is Redwulf, I bring news of your brother Alfred” ” I don’t want to know anything about Alfred, he killed my best friend, guards arrest this man! “Wiglaf shouted. The guards got hold of his arms. Struggling madly, ” But sir he wants to kill you.” Redwulf staggered. Wiglaf’ s mouth fell right open. He told the guards to wait before they put Redwulf in jail.” You know Ogres well he teemed up with him to kill you.” Said Redwulf. ” weIl I know what I must do.” Said Wiglaf sadly.

The next day, Redwulf went back to see Alfred. Wiglaf had come up with a sneaky plan. Redwulf had told Alfred to go to the hill because the ferocious fire demon lived there.

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The Highwayman, the soldiers diary


Hello, today was the most successful day ever. King George will reward me dearly. We caught the Highwayman’s lover, Bess. Were on the edge of catching the Highwayman!

It all started when a stupid scruffy Ostler claimed to know the highwayman. What was his name now, I’ve forgotten. Well I don’t care because all I care about is killing the highwayman, and getting money from king George. Anyway, he said the Highwayman’s lover was at the old inn door. I said I would pay him, as if.I would certainly not give away precious money. Anyway, we devised a sneaky plan.

The other soldiers and I arrived at the dusty old inn, Bess was the landlords daughter. We drank ale, which I obviously didn’t pay for, whilst we looked for Bess. The Ostler had said that she had black hair and black eyes.

Suddenly, I spotted Bess. That’s how good I am! Our plan had began. Then we took a deep breath and ran for our lives. Eventually, because of me, we trapped her in a room. “We’ve got her now, boys. ” I said laughing. I tied her up to a bed.
“Where is the highwayman, we know you know where he is.” She didn’t answer. But I’d make her answer. I put the gun right up close to her and put my finger on the trigger. We’re on the edge of catching the Highwayman………..

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The calm sea

The sea is as quiet as a lonely library.

The gentle waves move slowly as the hot sun reflects of the shimmering, sapphire sea.

The sea is a shimmering, white, sparkling diamond.

The calm quiet sea softly moves onto the sandy shore as the clear white clouds float in the beautiful blue sky.

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