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My time at Bradshaw!

My time at Bradshaw has been very very enjoyable. I can kind of even remember my first day in reception! It was great, well the bit that I can remember. I’ve met some of the best friends I will ever meet. We used to have a headteacher called Mr Plant and  a deputy head called Mr Whimpeny but in year 3 they both retired. After that, our new headteacher called Mr Short replaced Mr Plant and Mrs Sweeney replaced Mr Whimpeney. I’ve really enjoyed my time at Bradshaw as it has been one of the best times of my life.

Good luck to everyone at Bradshaw!!

Jacob Delaney 

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Science facts

In space if you bang a drum you will not hear a sound because in space there is no air to travel through. Also if you pluck a elastic band very hard it will make a bigger vibration.

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Treasure island script play

It was a wet and stormy night, the wind was blowing very hard. Suddenly a strange man walked in!

Jim: (unconfidently) who who are you?

The strange man was so dirty and was covered in big rags.

Billy bones: (viciously) a black dog come here you big fat monkey I’m going to stab your back with a knife aha.

Suddenly black dog and billy bones started a enormous fight. They clashed there swords but in the end black dog won billy bones had passed out.

Black dog: (happily) hahaha who won the battle who won the battle he’s called black dog hahaha!

Captain billy: (angrily) I will get you black dog.
But before the captain could say anything else he passed out straight away quickly.

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The sea

The sea is like a hungry  lion.

Its teeth gnashing into soggy wet rocks.

The sea is a gigantic elephant.

Splashing and crashing and rumbling in the water.

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