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Year5 Titanic Play

On the 9th of November year5 performed a fantastic perfomance of the Titanic this is all the cast-
Steward 1 -Alfie
Steward 2- Ciara
Mr Guggenhiem- Sam
Mr Stead- Harry
Countess Roth-Holly
Eva Dean- Amy
Mr Standstr-Sam
Lee- Alex
Child 1- Thomas
Child 2-Tilly
Child 3-Muhhamad
Child 4-Ewan
Child 5- Max
Child 6- Jacob
Child 7 -Oliver
Child 8-James
Child 9-Leigh
Child 10-Lucy and Frankie
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Titanic News Report.



 By Holly Stone

  Early this week, the biggest ship ever to sail, the Titanic, hit an iceberg and sank into theAtlantic Ocean, killing over 1500 people.


At 11:40 pm Lookout Frederick Fleet spotted an enormous iceberg. His alert was too late as the Titanic smashed into the iceberg, ripping huge holes into the starboard bow.


This tragedy claimed so many lives. One of the passengers said, “The Titanic was a fantastic ship and was so comforting for me and my son.”


The grand ship that was called unsinkable was travelling to New York but about half way there it unfortunately sank.


The problem was  there was only 16 lifeboats and that  was not enough for all the passengers on board.


The children and their mums were allowed to go first.


The caption did not survive, he chose to go last. The Lookout survived the traumatic event by squeezing into one of the lifeboats. The lifeboats had enough room for only half the number of people who needed to get off the ship.


No one will ever forget this tragic event and those that died will always be remembered. One of the messages from one of the men on board was, “I will always remember my family and how comfortable the Titanic was up in heaven!”


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