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French Fruit Salad


On Monday 15 June , Appleton Thorn primary school sent year six a recipe for a French fruit salad. In the last part of the day year 6 worked hard to follow the instructions ( in French ) and make the fruit salad. As well as Appleton Thorn sending Bradshaw the recipe they also sent a little game in French for year 6 to work on. It took us a while for us to work it out but eventually we did it! Thank you Appleton Thorn for sending us that challenge.

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Oh What A Lovely War

Oh what a lovely

Lymm high school have been doing a perforce about world war one. Bradshaw has been part of the choir as well as other primary schools.  The people who have been doing this perforce are Cara, Ashley, Jessica, Niamh, Evie, Poppy, Lucy and Emily. One of the most popular songs was pack up your troubles. I think that Oh what a lovely war was amazing and I am sure other people who have seen it would say so as well.


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Year 5 amazing pizza :)


200g strong white flour

one packet of fast action yeast

one teaspoon of sugar

enough warm water  to make a dough

toppings for your pizza

low fat cheese

tomato sauce for the base



cling  film

measuring spoons

grease proof paper



chopping board



1.  First rub the sugar into the flour.

2. next sprinkle in the yeast.

3. combine the dough again.

4. gradually add the warm water.

5. then mix the dough with your hands.

6. knead the dough with the heal of your hand.

7.  knead for 15 minutes.

8. make the dough into a ball and rest the dough in the bowl for 15 minutes.

9. then knock back the dough by punching the dough.

10.knead again for 15 minutes.

11.next flatten the dough and make it into a ball and put it into the bowl.

12. now put the cling film over the bowl and leave to rise for at least 2 hours but ideally overnight.

13. knock back the dough again.

14.then role out the dough into a pizza shape.

15. now chop up your toppings.

16. now spread out the tomato sauce.

17. add your toppings.

18. put your pizza in the oven for 8-10 minutes at 180-200c.

19. but check regular to make sure it doesn’t burn.

20. now enjoy your amazing pizza by year 5.



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Beowulf & the ice princess

Long long ago the great warier Beowulf was hunting in the forest and he came upon a snow leopard. The snow leopard was really fast! Then a girl said ” Olaf come here,” the snow leopard went to her and Beowulf followed Olaf the snow leopard. When he found the girl he asked her what her name was she said ” Araddney my name is Araddney,” ” hi my name is Beowulf,” Beowulf said ” I’m the princess of ice,” Araddney said ” this is my snow leopard Olaf ” ” let’s get a drink, ” Beowulf said and they went to the beautiful lake.

The next day Araddney told Beowulf about the evil fire king.
” he has a red crow with five blue diamonds. He burns down house when he gets angry for no reason he wants to take over the world but he needs six diamonds and I have the six,” then Araddney herd something in and ran. Olaf and Beowulf ran after her and the fire king followed they hid in a cave and the fire king ran past them. Araddney told Beowulf that the fire king wanted to kill her and Beowulf said that he would promise to protect her Araddney and Olaf the snow leopard were safe.

When they we’re sleeping the fire king came in and took princess Araddney. Olaf the snow leopard woke up and woke up Beowulf Olaf got the fire king sent it took them a long time but finally they got to the fire king castle. They couldn’t get in the castle but it didn’t take long Before they had a plan. They dressed up like one of the guards and got in.

When they got in princess Araddney was tide up and the fire king was about to drain her power but Beowulf stop him. Olaf the snow leopard tide him up and Beowulf drained his power with a position and it worked then princess Araddney used her ice power and then the fire king was frozen and they thew him in a lake.

Beowulf took Araddney back to her ice castle. All her family was there. Araddney wanted Beowulf to stay but he couldn’t but he stayed for tea. They had meat for there tea. Then Beowulf had to go but Araddney said ” don’t go please stay the night and go in morning.” Beowulf said yes he slept on a ice bed but it was very warm. When he left Araddney was ok when he left. Now every night a 12:00 the ice princess makes a snowflake a throws it into the sky to let Beowulf known that she is safe.

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In the ICT we went on sound games . we lent a lot about sond that we didn’t know. We lent that sound  travels in  a freqince.

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My sea poem

The  sea is like a hungry lion ready to kill .

The furious waves splashing in the gloomy light.

The sea is a angry giant roaring in the steaming wind.

The roaring sea hissing in the thundering waves.

By  Cara Willianmson


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