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My life in Bradshaw!

My six years at Bradshaw has been amazing since I joined at the start of year 1. On my first day I knew Jacob, Daniel and Nathan from Football and I met Zak and Taylor. Since year 1 me and Daniel have been best mates. Year 2 was really fun as Mrs Clarke was very kind and also we went to an old Victorian school and learnt loads of interesting things. In Year 3 we had a new teacher called Mr Bickerstaff and it was sooooo interesting as we went on loads of school trips and learnt about the Romans. In year 4 we went on our first Residential trip to Foxhowl for 3 days and 2 nights. It was really fun and the food was great. One night we even got to sit round a campfire. In year 5 we had Mr Bickerstaff again and we learnt about even more interesting topics like Titanic and World War Two. Year 6 has been the best year so far because we get to be in all the school plays, and go to PGL which was three of the best days of my life.

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year 5 recipe

me and year 5 have been making pizza with a women called lizzie she helped us cook pizza first we put some flour and some sugar into a bowl and mixed it with water we kneaded it for 15 minuets then we punched it 3 times each than we started to knead it again. and then we stretched it to see if it will rip then we flattend it on some baking  papper then we aded some tomatoe souse and baked it.

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y5 cooking !!!!!!!!!!

This week we had a woman who came in and made healthy pizzas with us . She showed us how to knead and knock back dough . Later on we had the dough into a pizza base shape then put tomato pasta sauce on it whilst others were putting on cheese . Then we were chopping mushrooms, peppers and we also chopped some ham later we put it on the pizza base . next we put more cheese on then left it to be put in the oven.

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bobbys weekend

This weekend Jacob slept at my house friday night. We had to go bed a bit earlier than last time we went bed at ten past ten because we had a football game in the morning. Unfortunately we lost to a team called bruche  5-1.   The rest of the day i played out around the      block.

Today which is Sunday I woke up at twenty past eight and played on my ipod in bed for an hour. I went downstairs and watched a film with Dan and my little sister daisy. My tired mum woke up at half ten then we had our first piece of advent calendar . Jacob came round and we played on my xbox. We then played out around the block till half four . A couple of my friends came round my house and played on our ipods and ipads . They went home at half five and then my auntie Nic came round to have a sunday dinner.

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The sea

The sea is as grey as the deepest white clouds.

The sea is like silver stormy clouds fighting rocks.

The sea is grey stormy clouds . 

The seas dark stormy clouds wildy hit rocks.

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