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Write Persuasively

Dear Humans,

I am a African elephant from a plain. I am writing for peace not just for me, for the whole of the elephants. Life, which was peaceful eating the grass, lying in the sweltering sun, until you came along!!

Coming, with your guns hunting us down, it’s not fair! How would you like it, if we tried to hunt you down and kill you?  We can’t enjoy life, we spend most of our days wondering when it is our turn to be hunted and perished.


Also, how could you take all our Ivory? we have grown it for years, it is part of us ot a possesion or a favourite toy it is a limb, something we feel. How could you kill us? The fact you are taking our ivory is bad enough!

Luckily, I  have not experienced this tragedy yet. Unfortunately, my family is not so lucky, so on behalf of all the elephants  not just me, please stop butchering us!!!

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trip to Maritime museum,Liverpool!!

Yesterday year 5 went to Seacombe. First we went on a ferry across the Mersey. when we got off we walked to the museum and dropped off our lunch in a small room.After that we went downstairs and a woman talked to us about the Titanic. Then we had our dinner and went back to the museum and got split up into groups. I was in Mrs Gilchrist’s group. we went upstairs to the Titanic exhibition and looked at some models of some ships then we had a look in the shop and walked back to the coach and went home.



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Guy Fawkes

This week, Year 6 have been learning about Guy Fawkes. We learnt why he tried to blow up the houses of parliament. He tried to blow up the houses of parliament because the King wanted catholics to go to certain churches and he didn’t like them.

Guy Fawkes  and 12 other men (who were catholics) decided to try to blow up the king. But Guy Fawkes didn’t come up with the plan. It was a man named Robert Catesby the guys called him The Brains!

By Ben

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Slovakian visitor

On the 1st of November we had a visitor from Slovakia.Her name was Tereska. She stayed with us for a day, her mum taught us how Slovakian schools are different to ours. She also taught us some Slovakian words. For example, Ahoj  (hello).

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