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merry christmas!

hi everybody just wishing you all a very merry Christmas!!!!

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MY first week in Doha,Qatar!!!

Hi all, I am having a great time and I love my new school but not as much as I loved Bradshaw. I do miss England but I am not complaining because its nice and sunny and it is now only thirty degrees and also because I have a great view from my bedroom window, over looking the city.I have already signed up for some clubs at school including: Computer programing and Rounders club. My class teacher is called Mrs Nada and there are people from new Zealand, Malaysia, Ireland, Holland, America, Mexico, Italy, Australia(including my teacher) and ENGLAND!!!!! We are currently living in an apartment called Beverly hills tower! It comes with a swimming pool!!

We have been to a theme park in a shopping mall!!! And to get myself an XBOX360.There are museums about swords and Damien Hurst(who ever he is!!!) We went to see speed boats racing yesterday and it was quite cool!!

I love Doha but I still miss Bradshaw more!!!!

goodbye for now



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Treasure island so far

So far in Treasure Island the Hispaniola has set sail on board are :Jim Hawkins, squire trilaulny, Dr Livesy, long john silver ,Iraq hands, Dick, Captain shmollet and 14 more crew
members.Jim was grabbing an apple from the apple barrel. He falls into the barrel and hears Long John silver. He talks to Dick (the youngest member of crew).He said he will grab the treasure and then kill the good crew one by one.Jim gets out of the barrel and tells the good crew john’s plan. I think that Jim will tel the plan and then the crew like they don’t know the plan and then when they get on the island the good crew will kill the bad crew.

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