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Christmas time

In christmas time on the saterday after christmas i went my aunties and uncle house and played  with my coisens.For chritmas i played with my new doll it was nice i  enjoyed my christmas.

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On Monday, we did vertical addtion. It was were we put three or two numbers in colloms.We could also put six or seven in.Then we started on the right hand side and added the number up.When we got to the to total we put the total in the bottom sqaure and  kept doing that until we got the total. For example:






                                                                        ———                                                                      by Toby and Amy.


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Today we have been doing about  area and perimiter.We counted the centermeter sqaures and worked out the area.

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My first blog

I have enjoyed maths.First,In maths,I have been trying to put numbers in the squares.It was quite easy.

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Our trip to Liverpool!

On the 17th of May year 5 went on a trip to the world musuem, in Liverpool, we travelled on a coach and it took about 30 minutes to get there. When we finally got there we got out of the coach and went in to the museum. We went up at least 6 flights of stairs and when we all  finished we was all out of breath. Mr Dyson was even more out of  breath! Then we went into a room with a screen on the roof and in the room we learnt about how the planets orbit the sun. We enjoyed it and even more so because the seats were like cinama ones! After that we completed  a space quiz . It was really really fun! Then we went to the workshop and learnt aboput habitats. We got to look at dead animals the dead snake was crushed up in at tub and it was scary! Mrs WIlson and Mr Dyson kept looking at there were  they hungry! At about 12’Oclock we had our dinner. I had a sanwich a choclate bar and a drink. Holly had a sandwich a milshake, a pack of rolos, a bag of crisp and a yogurt. When we finished our dinner we went to the shop in the museum and I bought two pencils and two pens so me and Holly could share them. Then we went to see the dinoursaurs skelotons and it was quite fascinating . Finally we went into a rooom and the man told us about rock pool and showed us some creatures that live in rock pools then we was aloud to stroke the animals. The day was very good and I would love to go again!

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The last couple of days year five have been doing some tests.I enjoy them but not many more people do. We have also been doing tennis in PE I think most of us like tennis though.

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