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Beowulf and the Giant

There once was a hero. He was the mightiest hero you would have ever met. The name of this hero was Beowulf. It all starts on a sunny bright morning in a small, little village. It had lots of kind people. That morning Beowulf made an announcement saying “Any trouble I will save the village from the danger and stand up to that despicable beast.” Here it is”. Shouted Beowulf.

The evil, devilish beast that was the GIANT. The biggest most repulsive thing you would have ever seen in your life. He comes booming into our village staring with his beady eyes. His boney, wrinkly feet that were the size of TWENTY FIVE thatched wooden houses.

Every single morning for the past forty years his enormous body with his gigantic feet come crashing down. He was as tall as 90 houses stacked on top of each other. He eats 50 people.

One evening Beowulf was out in the village and at that moment the giant came stomping into the village. Just as the giant was going to pick up a person Beowulf saw the giant climbed on to the giants bumpy back with his large sword. When he got to the top the giant started walking and Beowulf fell off.

The giant stopped walking picked up four more people. So Beowulf climbed back up the giants back and he stabbed the ugly giant in his head. The giant went crashing down to the ground and there he was lying dead.

Beowulf will always be remembered by the little village. He was rewarded with a new big, strong, fast powerful horse and some armour.

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i went to soctland it was really good!!!!!!!!!!

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