Liverpool World Museum Trip !

Liverpool World Museum Trip !

Liverpool World Museum Trip ! 

last week on Friday 17 may , we went to the Liverpool to go see a  museum . first of all we went on the coach I sat next to Ciara and Sam Boyer sat next Alex . when we arrived there was lots of people around looking at different monuments . We saw lots of small children ,  statues and the Liverpool radio station while sitting on the coach .  On the way into the museum we saw children standing on a wall doing different poses.When we got into the museum we saw a plastic dinosaur called  Young Iguanodon. First we went up 5 flights of stairs to go and see the Plantitireun it was about space and planets it was very interesting !!!!!!! Sam Boyer learnt that that if the sun is in a different that means its going to be a different season on earth. Next we did a space quiz witch was very hard and a lot of the machines were broken one of them was right above Sam Boyer head and he did not even notice it . later on we went back down the 5 flights of stairs and then up 3 flights.To go see a habitatworkshop witch wa squite boring and gross . Izzy learnt that Alice bands are called Alice bands because of lice so its actually  called A lice band  GROSS !!!!!! in the work shop we got told a story about a young soldier coming back from the USA he went to bed and heard a horrible scratching sound he thought it was a rat or mouse . So the next day he went to the doctors and the doctor said to strap a piece of smelly bacon to  his head . The next night he went back to the doctors and he pulled the piece of bacon off his head and there was a gross fly lava of his head that had been eating his skin . Everyone was grossed out and it nearly put us of there lunch. Next we went back to the ground floor and eat our lunch Izzy sat with Holly , Amy , Tilly ,  Lucy and Ciara and I sat with Frankie , Lewis , Archie Alex . next we walked up t0 the gift shop Izzy bought 6 marbles , squiy turtle and a frog bouncer . I bought an egiptian cat statue and four mini animals.Next we went to the Dinosaur land . there was different dinosaur skeletons including Allosaurus, Camptosaurus  and megolosaurus . My favorite part was the rock pool aqurauim .We touched a starfish , crab and an enemeny . Then we went back to the coach and left. Before we lefted Jacob saw a toy and wanted to take it home but Mrs Wilson didnt let him.


The End

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