What’s been going on

Year 3 made their own Maths games.

Year 3 have really enjoyed making and playing their own Maths games based on the Place Value work they have been doing this half term. Lots of fun had by all 😃

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Celebrating amazing achievements.

Sharing and celebrating certificates for swimming and drama. Well done to you both!

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Year 1 visitors

I had two year 1 boys (and their friend) come to see me today with their completed sticker charts.

Well done boys!

Mr Short

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Well done to all of our Superstars this week -including one very tired and shy Reception child (and her wonderful big brother for looking after her!).

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Web pages

Year 5 have been busy this afternoon creating their own web pages based on our geography topic.

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Year 3 class assembly.

This amazing young lady told us all about netball today. She told us positions on the court, the teams she plays for, the rules and much more. We even watched a clip of England playing a match. Well done. Super interesting to listen to and delivered with great confidence.

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Year 3 Maths

Working hard on our subtracting Hundreds, Tens and Ones from a 3 digit number today.

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Foxhowl 2019

Our stay at Foxhowl was a great success. We learnt how to read maps and use classification keys. We worked in teams and enjoyed the great outdoors! Y4 behaved well and we are very proud of them. Hopefully they have many happy memories.

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Y4 Art – superhero animals

Year 4 practised their art skills focussing on curved lines, size and proportion. We look forward to their representations of superhero animals. Check out some of our earlier drafts. early designs.

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The Seven Continents

Today we used Atlases to find out the continents of the world and put the, on a map.

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