What’s been going on

Using Newton meters

Year five are practising reading scales on our Newton meters.

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Half term activities

We have been asked to share the following link to different activities going on in and around Warrington this half term.:


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Green Lane

We had a great time at Green Lane last week decorating doughnuts and having a look around.

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Just before finishing school today we were entertained by a super guitarist. Well done young man πŸŽΆπŸŽΆπŸŽΆπŸ‘

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Flannel teddy

This creative young lady told the class how to make a teddy from a flannel. She wants to show everyone how to do it one day. That would be amazing!

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Y2 Changing the state of materials

Today we conducted our first experiment about changing the state of ice. We discussed how ice was frozen water and we found out that we could change the ice’s state back to water by heating it up.

The children used ice lollies to to conduct their experiment. They noticed that ice lollies would melt in their mouth and turn to liquid. We then discussed if we could get the lollies to melt quicker.

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A very calming yoga!

Year 3 loved yoga this afternoon with Jen. We were very grown up and did yoga flows and meditation. It was amazing! She has taught us a breathing technique for it we ever feel angry. It is called ‘dragons breath’. Thanks Jen for a wonderful session.

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Grouping rocks in Year 3.

This afternoon we have been looking closely at different rocks and stones. We have been looking through magnifying glasses and grouping them by texture, colour, size and shape.

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Reading and performing raps in Year 4

Year 4 enjoyed performing a rap about Roman Gods and Goddesses. They were all ‘cool!’

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Money Money Money

In Year 3 we have been using our number knowledge to find different amounts using different coins. Some have been easier than others but it got tricky when Mrs Buck told to use only a certain number of coins. We had to think very carefully.

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